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From a meet cute in 2011 to our

2020 mental health campaign,

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November 2011
We begin this story with Scott and Harry's meeting, aged 16 and about to start their first ever summer jobs - which coincidentally, is selling ice cream from a beachfront hotel in their hometown in Devon.
Both aspiring entrepreneurs, they spend their days mostly writing business ideas on the back of napkins and swapping them discretely in passing during their shifts.
June 2013
Following two years of discussing potential business ideas, our fresh-faced pair launch their first business venture at the age of 18.
It's a beach football development business called Sandy Soccer UK, and they launch with high hopes and big dreams. 
August 2014
In the end, it turns out that not that many people want to play beach football.
However, with their small (but quite talented) team, Scott and Harry spend their summer days playing, coaching and hosting football tournaments on the beach.
 Ultimately, they make no money.
November 2017
Having dusted themselves off from business attempt #1, they see the trend of rolled ice cream hit the UK and spot an opportunity.
It seems as though every potential competitor is offering a fairly poor tasting product in quite dull locations. However, the concept is undeniably popular.
Keen to see if they can create something better, they decide to get involved.
Little Spoon 2.jpg
April 2018
After buying a rolled ice cream machine and putting it in a shed at the bottom of Harry's mum's garden, they get to work.
They would experiment with all kinds of ingredients, perfecting the flavours to go onto their first menu.
May 2018
Having struggled to find a suitable location, they eventually persuade a local beachfront deli to let them make and sell their products during the summer holidays, using the space in front of the shop.
Little Spoon 3.jpg
JUNE 2018
Little Spoon Ice Cream is born!
Wait... who??
Little Spoon was their first attempt at naming the business... because the ice creams were served with little spoons...
... not much else to add there.
July 2018
Open for business! Our founding duo spend their days rolling ice cream by the beach under a gazebo.
After rolling over a thousand ice creams each, they vow to get more people to join the team next year.
Little Spoon.jpg
November 2018
For the off-season, Scott heads to South America with Jack, a friend from university in search of good times and flavour inspiration.
Whilst backpacking, they find a second home in a Colombian jungle paradise. A totally off-the-grid partying community, they spend their days tubing down the river and nights dancing on the bar until the sun came up.
January 2019
With Jack joining the team and leading our Marketing efforts, he and Scott are keen to create something with the brand that captured all of the life-affirming moments they had experienced and shared.
Road trips, lakeside sunsets, long summer evenings on the beach with friends, catching the early morning waves, and parties in the Colombian jungle - unknowingly creating the moments they would look back on for years to come.
february 2019
With that in mind the decision is taken to rename and rebrand to something more fitting - Good Times Roll.
march 2019
For the upcoming summer, our team manages to gain a location for the summer by Tower Bridge in London!
The business's ambition is upgraded slightly - from making sensational-tasting ice cream, to creating the best ice cream experience in the country.
June 2019
The new London kiosk is launched with the team bolstered by Rebecca, a good friend of Scott and Jack's from the South America trip.
The team of four quickly realise that they can't work every day and night, particularly when there are 500,000 hungry people passing by each week. The team expands, and the concept of a Roll Model is born.
July 2019
Success! The summer is in full-swing, sales records are being broken on a daily basis, and our new range of alcoholic flavours has created a stir.
LADbible share a video of our new Jagerbomb ice cream, which quickly goes viral, clocking up more than 6.5M views and 15k shares within a week.
September  2019
The team of Roll Models has grown to 35!
Everyone has had an incredible summer, we've been backed by Secret London for our ambition to create the best ice cream experience in the city, spent plenty of evenings celebrating together in the local Shipwright Arms, and finished it all off with a legendary 'End of Summer Blowout'.
Some say it was the greatest party ever.
march 2020
Bad Times Roll...
The pandemic hits, and in a single afternoon, each of our landlords and partners for the upcoming year calls to say that we won't be able to open.
Our projected revenue for 2020 drops to zero within a day, and with no other choice, we pack our bags and head to our hometowns to move back in with our parents.
april 2020
Time to reflect - and after one too many rainy afternoons feeling sorry for ourselves, time to take action.
As the potential impact of the pandemic on the mental health of us, our friends, and other young people around the country becomes apparent, we launch a
new campaign, called #TheGoodTimesWillRollAgain.
Our aim is to spread some positivity through our ice cream, and to raise as much money as possible for the mental health charity, CALM.
With 100% of the profits being donated to their cause, we start with an ice cream delivery service in our hometown.  As lockdown is lifted, we follow up by bringing our little yellow Good Times Roll trailer to a series of COVID-conscious open air cinemas.
August 2020
With lockdown restrictions easing further, and eager to finish our pandemic campaign in style, we take the Good Times on the road, with an end-of-summer road trip.
The goal is simple - to set up five pop-ups, in five secret locations around the country, in five days - raising as much money as possible for CALM in the process.
What next?
Well, like you all, we're waiting right now and hoping for good news.
Ever the optimists, we're continuing to make big plans for a 2021 relaunch that will blow our previous work out of the ice cream cup.
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