The Corona Impact

Like most people across the world, we felt the full impact of COVID-19 when it began its unbiased destruction of pretty much everything back in March.

In one afternoon we received calls from all of our landlords and partners, informing us that we wouldn't be able to open at all this year.  The new store opening, the new summer kiosks in London and abroad were all indefinitely postponed.


The bottom line? Projected revenue for 2020 of £0. Our year was effectively cancelled.

To rub salt in the wounds, we had no choice but to pack our bags and move back home with our parents - not an aspiration for us, as we were ready to dive head first into the next steps of the Good Times Roll journey.

'So... What Now?'

To begin with, we weren’t sure what to do, other than sit back and wait. But we eventually realised – with a kick up the backside from peers and mentors - that we needed to do something. And more importantly, utilise our position as business owners to help in some way, no matter how small.


From this decision our brand new

campaign was born, called #TheGoodTimesWillRollAgain.

The aim of the campaign was to bring some joy and salvaged summer moments - and as much ice cream as possible - to whoever we could without our usual busy kiosks.

And 100% of the profits would be donated to the UK-based men's mental charity, CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably).


Why Mental Health?

Alongside the many Zoom quizzes and Netflix binging that characterised the beginning of lockdown, we first-hand felt the pressure and anxiety resulting from the pandemic and accompanying isolation.

And this was clearly something that many others, including a lot of other young people, were also feeling.

And having seen further research and spoken to friends, the importance and value of mental health services quickly became apparent, as many of us struggled to piece our lives together and keep going through the adversity of lockdown.

Stage 1:

Ice Cream Surprises

Replacing our usual kiosks and stores, we set up our little yellow trailer as a temporary pop-up store.

Customers could browse our menu online, and then either treat themselves to their favourite flavour, or surprise a loved one they hadn't been able to see during lockdown.

Then we - kitted out in full PPE, and occasionally fancy dress as well - would hurriedly attempt to deliver the order before it melted...


Stage 2:

Drive-Thru Cinemas

Next, as lockdown measures started to be lifted, we were invited to bring our new little mobile store to a number of local COVID-conscious events, including a series of drive-thru cinemas.

As a brand, we have always been inspired by the 80's era, so we jumped at the opportunity to get involved in the American-inspired outdoor cinemas.

And these guys to our left certainly upped the cool-ness factor with their retro beetle!


Stage 3:

Secret Location


Finally, in order to finish the campaign in style, we embarked on an end-of-summer road trip.

The plan was simple:

- 5 pop-ups

- In 5 days

- Across 5 secret locations around the UK

We quickly learned the difference between the words 'simple' and 'easy'.

After being battered by Storm Ellen, then Storm Francis, and suffering a fatal car breakdown - we then had the other four pop-ups to look forward to!

You can watch the mayhem (and fun) unfold below :)

ALEX2138 (1).jpg